Data center

I our modern data center are we able to offer you a fast and reliable data operations with 24-hour support.

VPS & Cloud

A virtual server gives you full control over your IT needs at all times. Our cloud services built on HP Helion Technology and OpenStack.

Dedicated server

With a Dedicated server you get a complete server by your own, but hosted in our data center. We can normaly deliver this in a couple of hours.


Fast and reliable broad band with solutions that will suit small to larger companies.

Why Axbyte?

Reduce Costs

To outsource the management of your IT environment physically or virtualized in our cloud instead of running and maintaining your own IT environment gives you a number of advantages. Share resources with others gives you cost benefits and availability of equipment and safety that are otherwise very expensive to keep updated.


We build our data center with redundant and in many cases triple redundancy. This gives an almost 100% security for such systems as electricity, emergency power, cooling, fire safety and the Internet. By using our infrastructure you are guaranteed a level of security that is difficult and expensive to build and maintain on your own.

Energy efficient green power

To share resources with other saves energy. We buy our electricity from green production such as wind and hydro power.


Axbyte has worked with IT infrastructure for more than 15 years and has over the years accumulated a lot of experience. Our staff are experts in various fields such as security, network, hardware, cloud and Internet. We are always here to help you.


Our data centers are built around an infrastructure that enables you to increase or decrease when your needs changes. Especially our elastic cloud services guarantee you functionality that will always meet your requirements.

Simple to use

We're working to make it as easy as possible for you so that you can focus on your core business. Our staff is available to assist you and solve any problems 24/7.

About Axbyte

One call is all that is required. We listen to your needs and will try to find a solution that fits your business. Our 24-hour support means that you can work undisturbed wherever you are and at all times.

Energy effective - Green power

Reduce cost


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