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Your business is continuously changing and your IT infrastructure must also be able to follow your needs at all times.

Axbyte has chosen to deliver our cloud based services on open source OpenStack infrastructure. This gives our as customers the benefit of no locking to any specific vendor or technology. Open APIs that serves both private and public cloud services.

When it comes to cloud-based services, it is very important that the hardware and software always works perfectly together. To increase the security and to assure that we have a good partner to back us up has Axbyte selected HP technology for OpenStack technology called HP Helion. This enables us to guarantee a solution that your company can grow and feel safe with.
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Why VPS?

  • Flexibility

    You choose what your VPS should contain in the form of systems and software. With a VPS, you can install your own applications, modules and specific configurations. You can even scale up and down your service in every way possible as processors, memory, broadband etc as your needs changes.

  • No binding periods

    We believe in complete freedom for our customers and believe that any type of contract that binds you is evil. Are you as our customer happy with us, we hope that we will have continued confidence.

  • Security

    Virtualised services have both the benifts of beeing in a shared enviorment and at the same time totally flexible. Your data is spread over many servers or data centers with full control. You also have the option to install various security systems and take more extensive measures to protect your data. Also included is a private IPv4 address and an IPv6 address. It allows you to, for example, get your own SSL certificate.

  • Affordable

    You have the option to pay as you go hence a VPS solution from Axbyte becomes very cost effective. Tying up resources in unused capacity is usually very uneconomical.

  • Reserved

    In addition to data space and traffic you also get reserved resources in terms of CPU, memory and speed. This you will not get in a shared hosting environment.

  • Versatile

    With a VPS, you are not restricted. You have full control over your server, you can also install and run services such as email, databases, software and applications. You as the customer decide what you want to use your server to.


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