Monitoring of your IT environment - around the clock, all year round
With Axbytes monitoring service, you have the opportunity to act on critical events before they occur. In cases where there it still is a problem you will have immediate information on the current event and action. Activities can start before users suffers. This increases system availability, reduces the risk of partial and total downtime giving you better opportunities for troubleshooting.

Service monitoring means that we monitor your servers and network and notifies the current status, as well as in the cases you wish it, address the problems encountered or improvements are needed.

DDoS Protection

Make sure that your company's Internet-based services, not only the site remains accessible even if you are the victim of a Denial of Service attacks. With our powerful firewall are we able to filter out malicious traffic on your internet connection that can control the traffic so that it doesn’t reach your service.

  • Protection against all types of DDoS threats
  • Bundles for large and small organizations
  • Security around the clock by Axbyte


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