• Three different Internet fibre connections through two independent suppliers.
  • Our Fibres are connected to our data centres from two different directions.
  • Double Cisco BGP routers connected to stand alone fuses and separated UPS units.

Fire Protection

  • In our data centres we are using a minimum of non fireproof materiel.
  • Double independent fire alarm systems that are externally tested on a regularly basis.
  • The data centers are regulary maintained at a very high level to avoid dust. That is otherwise one of the most common reasons to fire in a data centre.
  • Automated Argonaut Fire extinguish system minimize any damage to equipment. Fire extinguisher are placed booth inside our data centres and outside to be able to quickly take out any small fire.

Power Supply

  • Each rack has its own power meters to ensure that fuses and backup power will not be overloaded.
  • Our UPS systems guards your equipment from electricity failure and uneven deliverance of power.
  • At any electrical maintenance, we can easily during operation move power from one node to an other.
  • We offer extra power outlets inside our racks.
  • In the case that one of our power suppliers would go down, our automatic system changes over from one supplier to another independent one in just a few seconds. Meanwhile our UPS systems ensures power to your equipment.
  • Our electrical system and external Diesel engines are tested on a regular basis.


  • Our data centres are easily accessed through loading docks and elevators. We can also help you to take care of the delivery from point to point.

Alarm & Security

  • Our facilities are guarded 24h and also have camera surveillance booth inside and outside of our data centre.
  • Access system are electronically managed and we are keeping logs of all people entering our facilities.


  • We have systems to control power, cooling, heating, water etc etc. Automated alarms will inform our technicians intimidate.
  • Customers can maintain their equipment in our service centre. There are tools and computers available at no cost.


  • There is always a couple of free units left in our racks. Also all cabling are wired so that you easily can mount your equipment.
  • All racks are equipped with digital thermometers so that we can make sure that the right temperature is set.
  • All our racks are prepared with cabling, network cables, shelfs. This to make it easier for you to mount your equipment.



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