Dedicated Server

A dedicated server means that you rent a powerful server from Axbyte. You can put full focus on your core business without worries about anything when it comes to server, Internet and security.

Axbyte are the owner of the server and has full responsibility for the hardware and that you always can reach the server you rent. You decided your purpose of your server and what kind of software you will run. We install the operating system and then you take over and install the programs you want to use.

Why Dedicated server from Axbyte.

  • Gives you resources to run your applications.
  • Pay as you go. The resources you use is all you pay for.
  • The basic installation of your equipment is serviced by Axbyte.
  • Error notification, 24/7 all year around is free of charge.
  • Customer physical access to data centre 24/7 (Optional)
  • A centralized firewall is included. If you want your own firewall and VPN this can be ordered separately.

Security and Maintenance

Axbytes professional technicians are there to help you with add on services such as monitoring, backup, updates, maintenance of applications and software and more.



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